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Colouration Guide

Bomanite Colouration Systems encompass a wide range of architectural concrete colourants to enhance your current space or newly designed areas.

Colour can be added to concrete by several methods. colour can be added into the mix (integrally coloured), dusted on the surface (dry shake), hand applied with brushes, trowels, sprayers as liquids or powder forms (stains, dyes, tints, toppings).

Colour Hardener

Bomanite Colour Hardener is a dry-shake material for colouring and hardening concrete flatwork, and is specially formulated for use in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron cast-in-place coloured, textured and imprinted concrete paving and flooring. Bomanite Colour Hardener may also be utilized within the Bomanite Custom Polishing System specifically in reference to Belcoloure By Bomanite. Bomanite Colour Hardener is a blend of three principal ingredients: mineral oxide pigments, cement and graded silica aggregates. Special conditioning admixtures are also included to improve workability. Bomanite Colour Hardener is used in residential, commercial and municipal applications. Two grades of Colour Hardener are available:

Regular Grade : This grade is recommended for all applications except areas subject to exceptionally heavy pedestrian traffic or heavy road traffic in freeze areas. Appropriate areas include residential driveways, patios, pool decks, entryways, walkways, showroom floors, lobbies and medians.

Heavy Duty Grade : This grade includes specially graded Emery (aluminum oxide) to increase wear resistance. It is normally recommended for installations that are expected to receive exceptionally heavy wear, including vehicular entrances, theme parks, plazas, crosswalks, street sections and high-traffic sidewalks.

Bomanite Colour Hardener is the most effective colouring method to achieve your desired results in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron. This method can also be utilized for other specified coloured concrete applications including salt finishes, broom finishes and rotary finishes. A greater variety and intensity of colours are available by using this colouring method. Colour hardener can be formulated to create a wide variety of hues from soft pastels to vivid blues and purples, which is difficult to achieve with other colouring methods. Bomanite Colour Hardener also improves imprinting, while providing increased durability, wear resistance and fade resistance. Bomanite Colour Hardener is applied by specially licensed, trained and equipped Bomanite licensees.

Release Agent

Bomanite Release Agent is a dry blend of chemical powders and colour pigments designed for use in the Bomacron process to allow the clean release of Bomacron texturing tools from the concrete surface. In addition to providing a clean release, it also adds colour variation and additional highlights to the textured surface, thus providing the attractive two-colour look which is part of most Bomacron installations. Bomanite Release Agent is applied by specially licensed, trained and equipped Bomanite licensees.

Bomanite Liquid Release is a clear, non-pigmented solvent with a pleasant bubble gum scent. Bomanite Liquid Release is used for releasing Bomacron imprinting tools from the concrete surfaces and Bomanite Thin-Set, while at the same time serving as an alternative to Bomanite Release Agent when pigmented powders are prohibitive. Bomanite Liquid Release can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications, providing a fast-track imprinting option. Bomanite Liquid Release will not leave a residue on the imprinted surface and can be used in conjunction with Bomanite Chemical Stain, Bomanite Con-colour and Bomanite Topical Stain.

Integral colour

Bomanite Integral colours consist of coloured admixtures and are developed for use in ready-mixed concrete or cementitious toppings. colour added into the mix (white or gray-based cement) is uniform throughout the depth of the concrete, producing durability and longevity of colour as the concrete wears the colour remains. The base cement colour will determine the actual finished colour. The product is made of the highest quality pigments, as well as other ingredients designed to enhance the colour and improve the pigment dispersion, workability and finishing performance of the concrete. No fillers are used in Bomanite Integral colours. This colouring method can be used with the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron cast-in-place coloured, textured and imprinted concrete paving and flooring. This method can also be utilized for other coloured concrete flatwork applications (salt finishes, broom finishes, rotary finishes), as well as vertical surfaces and other types of architectural concrete.


Micro-Top by Bomanite is a non-toxic, unique two-part cementitious material that will tenaciously bond to virtually any substrate including concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, and plastic. Micro-Top is a combination of a liquid polymer and a coloured powder mixture. The material can be applied with a squeegee or troweled onto the surface at a thickness of approximately 20 mils (the thickness of a credit card). A wide range of colours can be applied to create uniformity or blended to create variegation in the finish. Micro-Top can reduce costly forming and colouring in outdoor treatments and can be used in conjunction with Bomanite Chemical Stain, Bomanite Con-colour and Bomanite Topical Stain, creating limitless colour combinations and graphic designs to transform damaged existing concrete or other materials into cementitious art forms, without affecting surrounding materials and fixtures.

Micro-Top XT by Bomanite is environmentally safe, an entirely water-based product that resists ultra-violet degradation from long-term exposure to sunlight. Micro-Top XT, used for it’s important characteristics of extraordinary adhesion and its ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic, in these respects, is far superior to conventional cementitious coatings. Micro-Top XT by Bomanite provides a tough, water-retardant coating that substantially reduces water penetration, freeze-thaw scaling and concrete carbonation. It is a “breathable” coating that releases normal entrapped vapor without loosening or blistering. Typical uses include concrete exterior restoration, parking structure protection, sidewalk resurfacing, wall refinishing and installation coating, stadium renovation, swimming pool walkways and balcony deck surfacing.

Chemical Stain (also know as acid stain)

Bomanite Chemical Stains are water and acid-based solutions of metallic salts formulated to “colour-etch” new or existing concrete surfaces. These penetrating solutions react with cements to form insoluble precipitants of varying colours to produce permanent, transparent colour that will not chip, crack, peel or fade. Bomanite Chemical Stains give concrete an attractive variegated or marbleized appearance in a variety of earth tone colours, such as tans, browns, reddish browns, and greens. Bomanite Chemical Stain end resulting colours are directly affected by the substrate colour and porosity. Variations and inconsistencies in colour are expected and are usually the reason for using this colouring technique.

Concrete Dye

Bomanite Concrete Dye is a non-reactive organic pigment that deeply penetrates into concrete and cementitious toppings, residing in the microscopic voids of the substrate structure. Bomanite Concrete Dyes are available in both water-and solvent-based dyes, with colours ranging from soft pastels to bolder, vibrant hues such as red, blue, and orange. When applied to profiled or polished concrete, Bomanite Concrete Dye will provide intense colouring effects without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. Bomanite Concrete Dye is a viable alternative to traditional acid-based stains when a larger colour palette or ease of installation is required. Bomanite Concrete Dye can be utilized in all Bomanite Systems as a colouration System for interior concrete flooring and precast elements not subjected to UV light exposure.

Con-Colour (penetrating stain)

Bomanite Con-Colour is a tinted, non-toxic, odorless, hydrolyzed lithium quartz compound that penetrates into concrete and cementitious toppings, reacting to form a hard, abrasion resistant permanent crystalline structure. Bomanite Con-Colour will allow the concrete or topping to breathe, permitting moisture vapor transmission, but retards the transfer of damaging and discolouring alkali materials. When applied to concrete, Bomanite Con-Colour will provide variegated and translucent colouring effects without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. Bomanite Con-Colour is a viable alternative to traditional acid-based stains when a larger colour palette or ease of installation is required. Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems, Patène Teres and Modena by Bomanite, both utilize Bomanite Con-Colour as a colouration technique.

Topical Stain

Bomanite Topical Stain is a solvent-blended colourant that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, used to permanently antique porous cementitious materials including Bomanite Thin-Set or Bomacron concrete paving and flooring. Used for interior or exterior applications, Bomanite Topical Stain is quick drying and applied at differing coverage rates using varying techniques. Bomanite Topical Stain is formulated to produce surfaces that are mottled, translucent and marbled in appearance and relies upon substrate porosity to maximize penetration and profile to maximize the mechanical bond to achieve durability. Bomanite Topical Stain is not suitable for hard steel-troweled surfaces or dense natural-stone finishes.

Stained Patterned Concrete

Existing concrete can be decorated by sawcutting patterns into the concrete and staining sections with different concrete stains. Blending stain colours one on top of another can create variegated looks. This can be achieved by using the Bomanite Colouration Systems; Chemcial Stians, Con-Colour, Concrete Dye or Topical Stain.

Stained Overlays

A thin layer of polymer cement is applied over existing concrete or wood base and chemically stained with single or multiple translucent colours. Decorative patterns can be sawcut or stamped in varying shapes and patterns to enhance the look of the floor.

Bomanite Thin-Set is a polymer modified, cementitious topping that can produce a decorative finish similar to Bomanite and Bomacron imprinted concrete. Bomanite Thin-Set can be installed at a 1/4- to 5/8-inch thickness and can be used for interior or exterior residential, commercial, municipal and industrial construction. Bomanite Thin-Set has a high compressive strength and, with regular maintenance, can be left exposed to both foot and vehicular traffic. Bomanite Thin-Set II is compatible with Bomanite Chemical Stain, Bomanite Concrete Dye, Bomanite Topical Stain and Bomanite Con-Colour. Bomanite Thin-Set II can be installed over Bomanite Waterproof Membrane systems to provide a composition waterproof and crack-resistant decorative floor finish and can be applied over concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, quarry tile and almost any other structurally sound, tightly adhered and properly prepared substrate.

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Bomanite decorative concrete turns a dull surface into a decorative and stylish one using designs which give the look and feel of traditional natural materials such as brick, tile, stone or slate but at a realistic and affordable price.

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